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Mobile Membership App

About Project

Krowde is the next evolution in social media. Krowde is a mobile membership app that runs on iPhones and Android devices. Krowde is based on the concept of Krowde channels. Each channel has its own subscribers and channel owners. Each channel has it's own template choice, color theme and feature choices. They describe it as Yammer meets Wix with a little bit of WordPress for mobile. Members can read content, sales specials, find proximity based channels they subscribe to. There is even a stealthy feature where a channel is hidden completely from the public.

Services Provided

Krowde incorporates a variety of DS Xpress core competencies.

  • iPhone App
  • Front-end Website
  • Backend Platform
  • Social Media
  • Platform
  • Messaging

What We Did

Krowde started out as a concept on a piece of paper. That concept was taken and developed by our staff into specifications and wireframes. The wireframes were then put into a design phase. After that design phase, we've taken Krowde into an application prototype. The application prototype will eventually become a Beta release on iTunes for iPhones and iPads.

Mobile Application

Krowde is foremost a mobile application, but it is also has a web version as well as an Android version. As a start-up being part of DSX Labs means that we are working with the next Krowde bringing them through entire process of application development.

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