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About Project

inSkool comes out of a project originally called iplan which was assisting students to apply to universities. The goal of inSkool was to create the kind of social network where kids could create a usable online resume that would represent them well as they apply for college. What inSkool really does is give high school kids a place to catalog and journalize their school, work, non-profit and sports activities. At the same time the high school kids can acquire recommendations from friends and build up a series of peer information that is not available through any other source.

Services Provided

DSX Labs was able to strike a deal with inSkool that would create the necessary social features and back-end of technology of inSkool that has made the inSkool Beta a reality.

  • Graphic Design
  • PHP Programming
  • Facebook Connect
  • Social Programming
  • Viral Growth Tools

What We Did

By working with the founders of inSkool we were able to create a viable social network for a specified niche and do it on a reasonable budget. DSX Labs made the creation of this site possible as a partner in inSkool.

Design Through Beta

inSkool was developed by the development team at DSxpress. By working with this talented software team and the team at DSX Labs, we have been able to create a site that is very different than anything else on the market.

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